8 August، 2017

Our vision

Despite the wonderful jumps in the world of medicine which undoubtedly has positive effects on keeping health and fighting different diseases in a way allowing man to create, there is a negative side in medical progress summarized in environmental pollution which leads, in some cases, to killing man. Medical wastes widely vary to include needles, syringes, cotton, gauze, samples polluted by patients’ liquids and blood, pharmaceutical, chemicals and radiant wastes in addition to  operation wastes; such as human organs,  etc.,.  It is clear that patient is the source of these wastes and consequently they carry the causes of a disease; bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. That is why many countries and global organizations, in the last two decades, has paid attention to this problem after some studies and researches has proved the resp

onsibility of this kind of wastes in causing deadly and widely spread diseases and epidemics. It is known that medical wastes are more dangerous than any other kind of wastes.

Believing in the importance of our role in keeping environment free of and source of pollution, Lana company intends to establish Lana Facility for medical wastes with the most advanced international technologies in this field in cooperation with governmental institutions such as General authority for Meteorology and environmental Protection and Saudi Ministry of Health.

Lana Facility is established to render services of collecting, transferring and treating medical wastes of hospitals, centers and clinics safely without leaving any bad effect on environment.