8 August، 2017

Medical wastes Treatment

Lana Medical factory for medical wastes treatment is an environmental project aiming at keeping the Saudi environment clean devoid of any source of pollution. Medical wastes are extremely dangerous for being a raw source of air, water and soil pollution. That is why it is an obligation to get rid of medical wastes in an ideal way through sterilizing different types of these wastes and destroying all possible sources of pollution without leaving any possibility to an environmental pollution. Lana Company is keen on choosing the most secure technologies in the process of medical wastes treatment whether they are solid or liquid; all viruses and bacteria are eliminated and no poisonous or harmful gases are emitted as a result of sterilization. In this way, hazardous medical wastes filled with viruses, bacteria, germs and poisons are diverted to normal wastes devoid of any kind of viruses and bacteria. Autoclave technology is approved in countries of European Union and USA. It has goy the certificate of environmental rehabilitation from international institutions as well as the approval of Saudi General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection in addition to the Saudi Ministry of Health.